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more than thirty years of experience


We have more than thirty years of experience and pioneering expert in this business.

We can prove to be a success and pride to go on the business of IT with a focus on selling operations and ready to act as a mediator in the pursuit of new technologies. We offer the quality to the people of Thailand as long as the technology continues to play a role in our daily lives. We are 100% Thai local company and with that we can win the heart of Thais people.

Company Background:
Welltech Group Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronics product and  electronics components in Thailand.    It has been established in 1985 by the name 'Welltech computer' a small retail business. Until 1988, company expand very fast and turn itself into distribution company and change the name to 'Welltech group' until now.
WellTech Group Co., Ltd. had been grow under the administration of Mr. Suwit working as a managing director of the company. Welltech Group conducting a wholesale distributor of computers, computers accessories and peripherals. At present the Welltech Group employs some 190 people.